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Mock Survey Process

Guiding Excellence through the Mock Survey Process for Senior Care Facilities

Pioneering a New Survey Process

Our meticulously designed mock survey experience offers senior care facilities a proactive approach to identify potential areas of improvement and address compliance gaps.

Our Service


Physical Environment Inspection

Inspect the facility's physical environment for safety hazards, cleanliness, and adherence to fire and safety codes.

Quality Improvement

Examine the facility's quality improvement program, including how they identify and address deficiencies and continuously improve care.

Staff Interviews

Interview staff members to assess their knowledge of policies and procedures, their understanding of regulatory requirements, and their compliance with best practices.

Documentation Review

Examine the facility's documentation, such as resident records, policies and procedures, incident reports, and staff training records, to ensure they are complete, up-to-date, and compliant.

Infection Control

Assess infection control practices, including hand hygiene, personal protective equipment use, and measures to prevent the spread of infections.

Comprehensive Assessment

Thoroughly evaluate all aspects of senior care operations, including resident care, documentation, staff training, infection control, safety protocols, and more.


Years of Experience


Lives Touched


Hours of Training


EHR Certifications

Our Promise


Our promise for the Mock Survey Process is rooted in our passion to excel senior care. We pledge to provide senior care facilities with a meticulously executed program that mirrors regulatory surveys, ensuring a proactive and comprehensive assessment of compliance. Our commitment extends beyond evaluation; we promise to deliver actionable insights and customized solutions aimed at bolstering compliance, safety, and the overall quality of care. With a dedicated team of experts by your side, we guarantee not only compliance but also continuous improvement. Our promise is to empower senior care facilities to excel, creating an environment where the well-being and safety of residents are paramount.

Medical Staff
Our Commitment


Our commitment to the Mock Survey Process at DPM Senior Care Consulting is firm and resolute. We are dedicated to assisting senior care facilities in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of excellence and compliance. Our seasoned experts meticulously emulate regulatory surveys, conducting in-depth assessments to identify compliance gaps and areas for improvement. Beyond assessment, our commitment extends to providing actionable recommendations and customized strategies to fortify compliance and enhance overall quality of care. We are reliable partners, committed to ensuring that senior care facilities consistently meet and exceed regulatory expectations.

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