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Survey Management

Pioneering Survey Management for Seamless Compliance and Elevated Care

Professional Leadership in Survey Management

Navigating regulatory surveys in the senior care industry can be a daunting task, with numerous complexities and potential challenges. DPM Senior Care Consulting offers a specialized Survey Management service, standing as a steadfast partner for senior care facilities seeking to excel in regulatory inspections while maintaining the highest standards of care

Our Service



Continuously monitor progress on the plan of correction and communicate updates to surveyors as required.

Data Analytics

Utilize data analytics tools to monitor and evaluate your facility's compliance with regulations on an ongoing basis.


Establish clear lines of communication within the facility to coordinate efforts during the survey. Ensure that staff know how to contact the survey team and report surveyor interactions.

Plan of Correction

Develop a comprehensive plan of correction for any deficiencies identified during the survey. Ensure that it is submitted to the appropriate regulatory agency within the specified timeframe.

Immediate Correction

Address any identified deficiencies immediately, if possible, to demonstrate commitment to resident safety and quality of care.

Documentation Review

Ensure that all required documentation, including resident records, policies, procedures, staff credentials, and training records, is complete, up-to-date, and readily accessible.


Years of Experience


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Hours of Training


EHR Certifications

Our Promise


Our Promise of Preparation and leadership, is what sets us apart. We conduct a thorough assessment of the facility's practices, policies, and documentation to identify potential areas of concern and suggest improvements. Our consultants work hand in hand with facility teams to develop customized action plans, ensuring that every aspect of operations aligns with regulatory standard

Medical Staff
Our Commitment


Our commitment at DPM Senior Care Consulting's Survey Management service is a testament to our dedication to excellence in senior care. By navigating the intricate survey process with expertise and precision, we empower facilities to elevate their care standards and provide an environment where residents' well-being and safety are paramount. With our support, facilities can navigate regulatory challenges successfully while focusing on their core mission of enhancing the lives of their residents

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